Selfic Orienting Pendulum

This new pendulum concept created in 2012 and has two functions: 1. For research and applications in the field of dowsing. Thanks to its Selfic part, this pendulum amplifies the potential of the operator, making its use simple and straight forward, permitting accurate research. 2. For “orientation” of the trees, that is to connect plant and human intelligence and life, to create a new alliance between our species. The “Orienting Trees” project started in Damanhur over 30 years ago, and restarted again in 2011 in California and Japan. As part of the Global Tree Network, is now extended to the whole planet. If you would like to start orienting trees, you can order the pendulum here. Once you have it, the overall coordination of the “Tree Orientation” project is carried out by the School of Meditation of Damanhur, initiated by Falco, the main founder. It is therefore necessary for us to gather some data on the operations that are being performed (procedure, place, number of trees) as  you can see here in detail. The Selfic Pendulum for orienting trees is available at Damanhur, from ambassadors and from our Selfic laboratory, SelEt. Please contact the School directly at the following email address: when you acquire your pendulum and let us know:

  • Name
  • How you acquired the pendulum
  • General area (city, state, country) where you will be orienting trees
  • You only have to do this once. If you travel and want to orient trees in a new area, send an email before you begin and let us know your new location. You may also ask where trees have already been oriented in a particular area of the world before you choose exactly where to orient.

Every time you go out and orient trees, when you are done send us an email with specific information about your work. You can find here the details.


Working with the Selfic Pendulum

The pendulum belongs to only one person and cannot be lent to anyone else, even though, during the orientation stages, the operator can be helped by others. You can hold the pendulum in your hand or keep it in your pocket. It doesn’t matter whether it has a thread or not. With the pendulum you must go around any single tree for three times. You can pass the pendulum to others who are around the same tree, but the person performing the orientation is still the owner of the pendulum.

The selfic pendulum can be connected to an orientating painting, which can belong to a different person (as ‘ownership’ of a selfic painting we mean the unique, direct relationship built by that painting with its owner). It is possible to connect up to 12 pendulums to an orientating painting.

The painting must be placed within a range of 10 kms (6 miles) from the location where the orienting is taking place. To operate in different conditions it is necessary to first ask the Coordination Team.

When you have orientated 6000 trees, either on your own or with a group, with any given method, you can start orientating groups of 6 up to twenty trees at the same time, by surrounding an area of about 80 sqm and walking around it three times.

Afterwards, for the groups working with the cabin, these numbers can change depending on conditions that have to be discussed each time with the Coordination team. After a few thousand orientations you can use some means of transport in order to surround the territory, for example a bicycle, a car or a boat (like it has been done around a Hawaiian island), provided that you go slowly. It is very important though that you contact the Coordination Team in order to get their approval.


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