Selfic Cabins

There are four possible ways to orient trees, according to the equipment you have at your disposal and depending on whether you work on your own or with a group. These factors will determine the level of orientation. The strongest is the use of a Selfic Cabin, a spheroself that has been specifically prepared and a rope spiral. Today there are several cabins around the world in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Working with a Selfic Painting Cabin

To use this method, you need a cabin, a spheroself and a rope spiral. A selfic picture cabin is made up of 33 selfic paintings measuring 50×70 cm, or a correspondent number of pictures which allow you to get the requested total area.

When you form a cabin with paintings that belong to different people, it has a lower value. A cabin reaches its maximum potential when all its paintings belong to the same person.

You also need an open rope spiral placed in the action range of the cabin. It is not necessary to walk the spiral as, when you open it, it automatically takes on the role of making the whole operation very smooth. If, on the contrary, members of the group feel the need to walk the spiral, they can do so.

Once the cabin is activated, you can use a pendulum, a spheroself and orientating paintings to orient trees. When you have a single person cabin, you can use tools belonging to the owner of the cabin or other people in the area.


When you have orientated 6,000 trees, either on your own or with a group with any given method, you can start orientating groups of about twenty trees at the same time, by surrounding an area of about 80 square miles and walking around it.

Afterwards, for the groups working with the Cabin, these numbers can change depending on conditions that have to be discussed each time with the Coordination team. After a few thousand orientations you can use some means of transport in order to surround the territory, for example a bicycle, a car or a boat (like it has been done around a Hawaiian island), provided that you go slowly. It is very important though that you contact the Coordination Team in order to get their approval. You may also ask where trees have already been oriented in a particular area of the world before you choose exactly where to orient.


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