How to orient

You may orient trees in a number of different ways, with a:

  • Pendulum
  • Selfic painting
  • Spheroself
  • Selfic cabin:
    full orientation
    after 6000 trees

But how do you orient?

The basic idea is, that we want to connect to the world of trees and with this intention, open heart and mind we walk towards the trees we want to orient.

First, we need the information where you want to orient, so that we have an overview of all oriented trees and who is orienting at a certain place.

With the Pendulum, the Selfic Paiting and the personal Spheroself (with the specific layer for tree orientation) you will walk around each tree three times. It is necessary to have the orienting tool in your hand, close to your body or if you orient in a group of people, handing it around a very big tree from hand to hand. Please count all the trees you oriented, and if you have specific information about a tree, like the age, hight, width or special stories: tell them to us. Like this, we update the map of all oriented trees around the world…

Here you find some more technical but also important advices!

Have a lot of fun orienting…

Selfic pendulum - also for Tree Orientation

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